The Top Reasons to Include Chocolate in Your Regular Diet

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The Top Reasons to Include a Healthy Amount of Chocolate in Your Regular Diet

While chocolate is often looked on as being a guilty pleasure, there are plenty of reasons that this delicious delight should be included in your diet. It isn’t going to improve your weight or clear up your pimples, but there have been many medical studies done that present us with evidence of the nutritional value of chocolate.

Chocolate is the heart-healthy choice

Your blood vessels will maintain their youthful resilience and resist the onset of disease by a regular dollop of dark chocolate. Actually, according to studies, only a couple samples a week was enough to improve the heart’s defenses in 37% of the 114,000 test subjects. An increased intake of dark chocolate also lowered the susceptibility to stroke by 29% in the participants.

More chocolate may preserve cognitive function as you get older

There are some special nutrients in chocolate and cocoa called flavanols, which have been found to improve the cognitive function of elderly people. The only thing is that the typical processing and preparation of chocolates and foods prepared with sugar eggs and milk is that these ingredients can reduce the efficacy of the flavanols. Only specially prepared products can deliver these top-quality results.

Eating more chocolate can protect the body from the effects of harmful UV Rays.

Studies have also shown that the high-quality flavonoids found in selects chocolate recipes have a benefit on the skin’s capacity to withstand the rays of the sun. The study showed that those with higher amounts of chocolate in their regular diet were able to withstand twice the dosages of soar UV rays without burning or inflammation.

The Top Reasons to Include Chocolate in Your Regular Diet

Improve Your Number Processing Capacity with Chocolate Flavanols

Today we see markets flooded with nootropics of all sorts and each can benefit the brain differently. But imagine improving your capacity for math with 500 mg of Flavonols in a specially crafted cocoa drink. Professor David Kennedy of Northumbria University (UK) performed this very experiment and discovered that the students with the cocoa received a brain-boosting increase in blood flow to the brain allowing them to process complex math skills at increased speeds.

Chocolate can lift the spirits and brighten your day.

This is arguably the best reason to have a positivity boosting, and mood-lifting treat regularly is for a calmer and happier outlook on life. Researchers from the University of Swinburne in Australia found that cocoa contains some important micronutrients, called polyphenols, that can provide a greater sense of well-being and serenity when included in the regular diet.

Chocolate can protect the brain from degenerative conditions.

The brain is susceptible to serious damage by many of today’s unhealthy lifestyles. As the special neural networks of the brains become damaged by conditions like Alzheimer’s, the loss of certain brain and bodily functions can make life difficult. These pathways can be protected by another special micronutrient found in your favorite chocolates. Lavado is an extract from the cocoa plant and can have protective effects on the pathways of the brain.

Chocolate can increase your Physical Capacity.

There is another special flavonol that can greatly improve your performance in the gym — so long as things work the same between mice and men. A special study was done on a population of lab mice, half of which were provided with epicatechin, a flavonol found in chocolate. The half that was not allowed this nutrient were considerably weaker than those on epicatechin. But, you must take the right amounts, anything more than a half square of chocolate a day, and you will lose the valuable performance enhancing qualities.

Chocolate is just about the most nutritious dessert or snack out there.

Ok, not your average “chocolate” flavored crud-bar, but if you can get your hands on the chocolate with a high content of top quality cocoa, you have found a nutritious delight. You Will find your recommended daily amounts of manganese and copper. You will also find iron, high-quality fiber, as well as potassium. Make sure the chocolate you choose has higher than 75% cocoa.

Chocolate lowers your blood pressure.

Caffeine, cortisol, and insulin are all irritants that can go coursing through our veins on a daily basis. These can cause the blood vessels and veins to become strained and worn. What does a tired and stressed out blood vessel need to relax? Nitric Oxide can release the pressure on the blood vessels and allow them to relax with a lower pressure count. Lower blood pressure can improve the health and fight off the worst effects of many different conditions.

Increase those Feel-Good Hormones

We all love getting high, and not just in the ways you think. Whether you are excited, in love, feeling elated from some spectacular performance or achievement or even after working out your body is releasing the feel-good hormones into your body, and this can be enhanced for an increasingly enjoyable life. Chocolate has the flavonols to increase the production of endorphins in the body without having to fall in love or exercise. But if you balance at least two of the three activities, you will have an endorphin increasing practice that can ward of depression and the many mental disorders that can result.

Chocolate could be an important anticarcinogenic?

The high-quality flavanols found in chocolate have important implications in the fight against cancer. Being both anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, these flavanols can play an important part in ridding the body of free radicals. Free radicals may not actually cause cancer but they play an important role in the progression of a cancer condition. This could easily be one of the most important reasons to keep a stash of Dark chocolate constantly on hand.

Could balance blood pressure and make pregnancy easier

Theobromine is a vasodilator, this means it allows the blood vessels to widen and can help to lower the blood pressure. During pregnancy, it is easier for women toee a sudden and unexpected spike in their blood pressure. The theobromine found in especially dark chocolate can help to reduce the likelihood that this condition, known as preeclampsia, will occur — by as much as 40%.

Chocolate could be a benefit to the potentially diabetic

While you may think that a sweet delight like chocolate is the last thing that a diabetic should be eating, chocolate could be the epiphanic exception to the rule. University of L’Aquila in Italy released their research on the subject and found that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidants along with top quality flavonoids in general could improve the function of insulin and be a benefit to the diabetic. It will be important to discuss this with your medical professional before trying to self medicate with a SNICKERS bar.

Chocolate reduces cravings and provides that extra push

A couple hours before the work day ends many professionals hit a sluggish slump where their creativity is spent, their drive in neutral and they feel really hungry. The temptation is to call it quits and wrap it up for the day, or push on with dwindling power for some meager results. But, the essential third-option is to refuel with a top-quality chocolate that can improve the mental function and stave off cravings for meals for another hour or so — a couple squares might be enough, if not finish the bar.

In Conclusion

The ancient Aztecs believed that the cocoa drink was sacred and gift from the gods themselves, with all the impressive benefits and nutrients wrapped in the most delicious flavor on the planet, it’s a hard train of thought to argue. Be sure you take the time to indulge yourself in a healthy and moderate supply of this special delicacy.